Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Romans 3

The purpose of the law is not to make us righteous but to make us become conscious of sins.

For example, does any government around the world make laws to make its citizens become better people?

The answer is no.

Many laws have been made and applied throughout the history of the world, and not one of them made people become better people.

It's the same way with the law of God. The law of God doesn't make us to be better people but rather make us conscious of our faults, greed, adulterous heart, idolatry, and lust.

How then do we become better people?

Well the question is wrong, because God says there is no one who does good, no not one.

Everyone turned to his own evil desires, not necessarily criminal minds, but idolatrous minds, ignoring God and worshipping something or someone other than God, for example, money, power, status or sex.

God says, He declares us righteous when we put our trust in Him.

Putting our trust in God means we accept God as who He is.

We accept everything about God.

We accept the benevolent, all-loving God.

We accept that He is good.

By putting our trust in Him, we become like Him knowingly or unknowingly.

Now I think about it, I haven't actually paid the price for all the countless number of sins that I committed in the past.

I should rather say, "How can God be so unjust as to overlook all the sins that I have committed whether they be small or big in the world's eyes?"

"Is God unjust?" "Is He selfish, unjust and wicked like some corrupt leader, government or heinous criminal in the history of the world?"

Well, He did punish the wicked for all the sins they had/have committed, in Jesus. Jesus paid that price, and now God commands us to believe that sacrifice provided for us.

We'll pay the price for our sins in two ways in the end.

Either Jesus pays for us on the cross, or we pay in the eternal torment of hell.

Everlasting life or everlasting death.

Everlasting joy or everlasting misery.

Everlasting fellowship with God whose love surpasses all knowledge, or everlasting separation from God whose wrath would be fully unveiled in the unquenchable lake of fire, reserved for Satan and demons, and also for those who rejected His love.

God is love. Love is God.
Without God, without love.
I breath God, and God breathes me.
Without God, I am nothing.
With God, I am all that I am and can be.

"God presented Jesus as a sacrifice of forgiveness, through belief in his blood/death.
He did this to demonstrate His justice, because in His patience He had left the sins every soul that ever lived committed beforehand unpunished. He did this to demonstrate His justice / fairness at the present time, so as to be just/fair and the one who justifies the sinful (i.e. every soul that ever lived, lives or will live) who trust in Jesus."
Romans 3:25, 26

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