Wednesday, January 2, 2013

God laughs at them who stand against Him

The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
the Lord scoffs at them.

Psalm 2:4

I never noticed the humour of this verse.

God laughs!!!! Hahahahahahaha.

God laughs at those who stand against Him.

They think they can oppose God and somehow establish their own idolatrous kingdom on the earth.

If I think I can oppose God and establish my own little idolatrous kingdom, God laughs at me!!! Haha~


God laughs at them.

God laughs at me (if I oppose Him!)

God scoffs at them.

God scoffs at me (if I oppose Him!)

"Scoff" means "to laugh or say things to show that you think someone or something is stupid or deserves no respect." according to Macmillan Dictionary.


So it follows that God laughs and say things to show that He thinks those who oppose Him are stupid and deserve no respect. Period.

So I can be very stupid and deserve no respect If I opposed God!!


It goes to show how stupid it would be oppose God.

How very stupid of me would it be if I opposed God!!! Hahaha

He made me and made you and every one of us.

If anyone (including me) would dare to oppose God, it would be like a pottery opposing its maker, the potter.

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