Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Romans 1

Paul, to the Romans.

Paul greets the Romans and encourages them to be faithful to God, and Paul's delighted to hear that the news of Romans' faith is being reported all over the world.

Paul emphasises the importance of the power of the gospel of God that saves both Jews and Gentiles.

The Righteous person lives by faith.

The Righteous person is a person who puts his entire trust in God who made him/her and the entire universe.

It is a relationship between the trusted and the trustee.

God and His people whom He loves.

God created people for Himself, exactly to have a perfect relationship with them.

But knowing the fact that our breakage in this holy relationship would result in death, we still did it. We broke away from our Creator and chose the created, and started to worship the created which looked beautiful and desirable to possess. We forgot God, God let us go that way.

God did not force us to stay with Him which would be unloving of Him.

He chose to suffer the breakage in the relationship, yet He never gave up on us.

He let us explore evil, perverted and idolatrous.

We started to worship the sun, moon and the stars.

We also made gods out of wood, stone, marbles and animals.

We believed what eyes saw, and ignored what our hearts told us.

We started to believe in the physical realm, rather than listening to the quiet voice of God who speaks to our conscience and dreams.

We exploited God by turning his gifts to gods.

The gifts God bestowed upon us became our gods; money, power and sex.

Not bad or evil in themselves but our obsession with money, power and sex became the trap that trapped us in confusion, addiction and deception.

We forgot God, yet God never forgot us.

He's still waiting for us. He still gives us the hints of His presence here and there.

The sky declares the glory of God.
Psalm 19:1
Romans 1:20

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