Friday, November 23, 2012

Positive Self-Image

Positive Self-Image
→ Positive Thoughts
→ Positive Actions
→ Positive Outcomes / Results / Fruit

I am a man of love just as Jesus is the Man of Love.

Positive Thought / Belief / Visualisation
+ Positive Action
→  Reality // Progressive Growth / Change

Visualisation + Dreams → Reality Today! NOW!
→ ↑ Confidence & Faith

Establish a very good memory today to be remembered at a later date.

Make today a great success & it shall be recalled later to bring about more successes!

Today's going to be the best day ever! Building up confidence!
Today's gonna be the happiest day ever!

Do not look behind, look forward
Forget the past failures, look forward to future successes!
& create future successes!

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