Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quotes from C. T. Studd in Africa

A framed verse from Rev. Webb Peploe's vestry:

"I'll preach as though I ne'er shall preach again,
And as a dying man to dying men."

- C. T. Studd Cricketer and Pioneer p.158

"Had I cared for the comments of people, I should never have been a missionary."

"As Michaiah said, 'The word that God gives me to speak I shall speak,' so also the work that God fives me to do I shall strive to accomplish or die in the attempt."

- p.166

"Cursed is he that trusteth in man" does not make a very good pillow for a dying man, but there is much comfort in the other one, "Blessed is he that Trusteth in the Lord."

- p.167

 Sometimes I feel, and especially of late, that my cross is heavy beyond endurance, and I fear I often fell like fainting under it, but I hope to go on and not faint. My heart seems worn out and bruised beyond repair, and in my deep loneliness I often wish to be gone, but God knows best, and I want to do every ounce of work He wants me to do.

- p.184

"Don't go into the study to prepare a sermon -- that's nonsense. Go into your study to God and get so fiery that your tongue is like a burning coal and you have got to speak."

- p.190

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