Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quotes from Paul Washer

  • You're living like someone in whom the Spirit of Christ does not dwell.
-Paul David Washer

  • Preaching is a matter of Life and Death and also how you live as a Christian is a matter of Life and Death.
-Paul David Washer

Thursday 17.7.08

HBC Missions Conference
Session 9 – Paul David Washer

  • I submit to you that David was not the most clean among God's people. He was not the most orderly or tidy with regard to the law of God. He did not dot every i nor did he cross every t but no one had a heart like him.  
  • You may be as clean and precise and civilized and respectable in your reformed Christian life and not at all be pleasing to God. 
  • Do you know Him enough to honor Him?
  • Is your heart so given?
  • Or would you trade the seeking after God for a good book?
  • Would you trade the seeking after God for a TV or a radio program or this or that?
-Paul David Washer

Friday 18.7.08

HBC Missions Conference
Session 9 – Paul David Washer

  • Isn't that a horrid thing to say about ourselves? I mean if we were to commit a crime I would have to say that being able to delight in almost anything other than just tarrying in the presence of God is the worst crime.
  • I did not want anything from her but her!
  • I do not want anything from God but God!
  • Do you remember when that governed your life as a new believer?
  • Or did it ever govern your life?
  • When the only thing you thought about was Him, that was it.
  • You had no greater aspirations of being used, no desire for greater ministry.
  • You just wanted Him.
  • Remember when you got into the word and it wasn't because you had a sermon to prepare or you needed to learn some things or there were some doctrinal problems or you knew that to progress as a useful servant you had to continue on in the things of the word of God?
  • Do you remember when you just got into the word because you wanted to hear something from God?
  • You wanted to know something about Him.
  • Do you remember when you just prayed because of Him?
  • Is a heart burning for Him?
  • Who are You? I want to know You.
  • We should not be pleased when we've preached a good sermon.
  • I must leave Him and come to you. I must leave you in a few minutes and go back to Him.
  • O God, make me like Your Son!
  • I must have You!
  • I must be filled with You!
  • The midnight watch will be dear.
  • Help me Lord and I will be helped.
-Paul David Washer

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